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My Special OCs

These are my special OCs:
My Special OCs by Sagojyousartpage Surprised Hazuki Redraw 2014 by Sagojyousartpage My Special OCs #2 by Sagojyousartpage
They have a VERY special place in my heart. :hug:
Here are some drawings of them by different artists!!
:star:Sagojyou's Gift (1/5) by Drawing-Stars-02 Sagojyou's Gift (2/5) by Drawing-Stars-02 Sagojyou's Gift (3/5) by Drawing-Stars-02 Drawing-Stars-02
:star: Commission - Sagojyousartpage by ruri-chu by :iconruri-chu:
:star: Sagojyousartpage Commission 2 by Hailey-Adopts AlwaysForeverHailey
:star:Hazuki by Mintiice Mintiice
:star:Hazuki Gift by cyndaquilgirl cyndaquilgirl
:star:For Sagojyousartpage by Luo-Qin For Sagojyousartpage -1- by Luo-Qin For Sagojyousartpage -2- by Luo-Qin Luo-Qin
:star:Sagojyousartpage by hikodai hikodai
:star:Commission 05- Shin, Jo and Shingu by denevert denevert
:star:My OCs by Muika-miru by Sagojyousartpage Muika-Miru
:star:com-sagojyousartpage by chococustard com - sagojyousartpage 2 by chococustard chococustard
:star:Art Trade: Sagojyousartpage by Suguri Suguri
:star:YOU DID IT! by ArwingPilot114Falling by ArwingPilot114 ArwingPilot114
:star:Commission: Sagojyou's OCs by Pure-Resonance Pure-Resonance
:star:For Sagojyousartpage by chikorita85 Hazuki by chikorita85 For my friend Sagojyou x3 by chikorita85 chikorita85
:star:AT: For Miho [Sakura-Con 2013] by agent-ayu: agent-ayu
:star:For Sagojyou by superstarwordgirl superstarwordgirl
:star:Ready for our awesomeness? by SniperGYS Hazuki in the Beach by SniperGYS SniperGYS
:star:For Sagojyousartpage (my big sister!) by tobixcake Drawing exchange! w/Sagojyousartpage by tobixcake tobixcake
:star:PC for sagojyousartpage by lBiancalP.C for sagojyousartpage by lBiancal lBiancal
Feel free to draw them if you want to! :la: And please let me see them so I can add it here!! :D


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Would you be interested in reading a manga about how my bf and I came about (started going out)? :D 

10 deviants said Yes! :la:
1 deviant said No... :aww:

Inspirational People

She is my closest friend on dA. Even though there's a great physical distance between us as well age gap and time different, we are still able to connect thanks to technology. As much as at times I feel like technology will serve us bad, I appreciate it so much because I get to meet awesome people like her that I'd never get to meet if we were without it!
She is a gorgeous woman going through lots of things in life. Yet she makes sure to come back up when she falls down. That is some will power that a lot of teenagers nowadays are missing. When they fall, they think it's okay to stay fallen, and it's not. If you fall, you have to come back up, to move forward and be successful. She is one of the people that gives me hope for the next generation, because she is a strong, beautiful lady who knows how to get her sh*t together and stand back up. I admire young people's ambition, and you definitely have a ton of it sparkling within your soul. I am honored to be a part of your life, and I am always here for you. :heart:

She is my ex-roommate for a while back. She is the first person that I met who has the worst luck, but also the best luck. No matter what happens in her life, and no matter what challenges she has, she will punch life in the face and keep moving forward. I was already like that when I met you, but by being with you and living with you for the amazing time that we had together, you have inspired me to be even more ambitious with my life and do what I want to do, and especially BE who I want to BE. It's interesting that one piece of your drawing I saw was all I needed to connect with you, and you coming over to live in this NW state is probably one of the most important time periods of my life. I honestly admire your bold attitude towards life, and you will continue to inspire me in life!


100 Theme Challenge Day 076: Broken Pieces by Sagojyousartpage
100 Theme Challenge Day 076: Broken Pieces
Day 076 of the Challenge!!

Proposal: 100 Theme Challenge Casual Version!So school is about to start, and that means another big step to becoming a teacher! Woooooo!
But I want to make sure to keep my right half of the brain happy, so I would like to make a proposal to myself.
*dun dun dunnnnnn* Starting September 2nd (first day of school), I am going to draw (sketch or more if I feel like it/can) every weekday (when there's school, or when there's not. Depends on how I feel like), according to the 100 theme challenge!
The list I will be using is here:
001. Introduction (T: Sept. 2)
002. Love (W: Sept. 3)
003. Light (Th: Sept. 4)
004. Dark (F: Sept. 5)
005. Seeking Solace (M: Sept.8) ht

I haven't drawn anything for this challenge for almost a month O_O Where did time go??
I've been doing other art in the mean time when I found time, but I just didn't have inspiration for this theme til today.

So I drew this because my bf S and I are in a long distance, and when leaving the airport, that shatters both hearts into "broken pieces," so this represents sadness. Saying good bye due to LD is super-hard, so I wanted to represent that.

Previous day: 100 Theme Challenge Day 075: Mirror by Sagojyousartpage & Next day: to come eventually
Boyfriend S's part for today: it-all-started-with-a-letter-a…

:star:Other art I've done in the mean time!:star:
Handmade Bellossom Plush with a Story by Sagojyousartpage Gem OC Amazonite by Sagojyousartpage
Handmade Bellossom Plush with a Story by Sagojyousartpage
Handmade Bellossom Plush with a Story
Look what I made! :D

I love everything art, from drawing to beading/jewelry making to painting and everything else in between, and I have recently been into making bags and plushies! :D Maybe I'll post pics of my Adventure Time bags later too :)

Here's the story: As a tomboy, I felt "bad" for liking cute things, because that's not who I projected as to others (this is around 6-7 years old). So I never accepted myself for liking cute things/pokemon, and Bellossom was one of them. She was so cute and flowery, but it was so not me. But I had this Bellossom keychain at that time that I got in Japan, and I've always had it (so I've had it for about 15 years - now it's on my set of car keys. The colors on it has mostly fallen off, so it's just a green and reddish blob to people who don't know Bellossom at a glance XD). Idk why I've always decided to keep it, but I did and I do. 

For the last month or so, now that I've started teaching a bit more, I have been REALLY working on loving and accepting myself for who I am. And the more I looked at the beat up keychain, I thought, "huh. It's OKAY for me to like cute pokemon." and that just kind of sunk in. And as an acceptance, I wanted a Bellossom plush, because she represents "Sagojyou's self acceptance." But the plushies online looked so ugly, I thought I could make one better than that (XD) so I put my crafty craft art skills into use and made one! (Yay for the new sewing machine too btw!) It took 3-5 days or so (worked on it a few hours a day), and it's finally finished! The background is a little flower tree from the Japanese Girl's Day doll set and a Himalayan salt rock lamp. :) Also now in my "pokemon catching team" I have a shiny Bellossom that I brought over from the original Sapphire :) (What are the odds of all of these coincidences, right? :D)

She is about 5.5 inches/14 cm tall, and her body (not the petal part) is about 2.5 inches/6 cm wide. I made it small because I wanted a cutesy size rather than a big one XD
She is made out of minky/cuddle fabric and her face is made using felt :heart: 

Plush made by Sagojyousartpage
Gem OC Amazonite by Sagojyousartpage
Gem OC Amazonite
New OC!!! :la:

This is Amazonite, part of my Gem OCs. Ze has really pretty hair, and a gamble tattoo on hir lower inner left leg. The thing ze is sitting on is a dice, which is hir weapon item. 

:bulletpink:Stone: Amazonite

:bulletpink:Ability/trait: Communicate one’s true thoughts and feelings, absorb microwaves, protect against electromagnetic pollution and negative energy, balance one’s masculine/feminine energies, good luck for games of chance, tidy.

:bulletpink:Weapons: Harp, bow and arrows, and dice. The water is made out of water so it flows and adjusts its size when necessary (right now ze’s sitting on it). The usual size of it is small enough to latch on to hir bracelet. The bow and arrows is hir main weapon, and the bow is the harp. But the harp itself plays soothing melody, and that itself is rarely used as a weapon.

:bulletpink:Extra: Ze has a scar on hir lower left stomach due to a battle. Ze is healing hirself, as much as ze has the ability to heal others. Also, to represent hir luck for gambling, ze has a tattoo on hir inner lower left leg.
Boyfriend S's part for today: it-all-started-with-a-letter-a…

:star:My other Gem OCs!:star:

Gem OCs by Sagojyousartpage OC Moon by Sagojyousartpage


February 2015 Update

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 11:37 PM

Where the heck did January go?! @_@;;;

Now that it's close to mid-February, I'm going to make my monthly journal update to let you know I'm not dead.

So far this quarter (which started in early January), I've been so ultra mega crazily SUPER busy, that it's not even funny. It's assignments after assignments after assignments and projects. And I have to go to TWO after school classes (Monday AND Tuesday. Everyone else only has to go to one) because I am getting endorsed in two subjects, so that's very time-consuming, on top of actual University related stuff. That class goes from 3:30-5:30, so with commuting and all, I get back around 7. (And going to aikido/Japanese martial arts for an hour...I get home around 9). I was NEVER this busy in my undergrad! Ahh the good old days when all I took were fun classes :D (Big Grin) Nah this is fun and I'm learning a lot, but it's just 100 times more tedious than undergrad (it's assignments^100000 vs 3 midterms and a final). Both assessments are scary, but I really do miss the whole "just do your best and get it over with" style of undergrad math courses XD

In non-school related news (in the little free time I have), I've been making sketches of my new Gem OCs, and I hope to digitally color those!
OC Moon by Sagojyousartpage Gem OCs by Sagojyousartpage There are more to come than these two! :D (Big Grin)

And I'm still on for the 100 day Challenge, but I wasn't feeling it today, 2/10, so I'm not going to upload what I drew, because I can do better.

That's about it for this month!

  • Mood: Anguish
  • Listening to: pokemon bgm and tv
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  • Drinking: el agua
100 Theme Challenge Day 075: Mirror by Sagojyousartpage
100 Theme Challenge Day 075: Mirror


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I am awesome.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi!! My name is Sagojyou, and this is my artpage!

I upload whatever I want, whenever I want, because this is MY page. Yeah!
I draw comics/mangas and OCs. And other stuffffff.

You can look through my gallery, things I faved, and the stamps below to see what I like/dislike/who I am. Thanks for stopping by! :wave:

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"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."
~John Louis von Neumann

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -Dr. Randy Pausch


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