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Fluttershy Companion Cube by Sagojyousartpage
Fluttershy Companion Cube
I do so many different types of art I feel like a boss XD

I made this tiny (3 in x 3 in x 3 in) Fluttershy companion cube for my "younger brother" daftkenshin for his birthday! 
His first choice was Applejack, but she had a hat so I said lolnope XD So I went to his second choice and here it is!

It's my first time making it, so it was a test to see if I can logically put things together (YAY MATH) and I think I did well :) It's so fuzzy and cute~ :heart: Don't look at the back side of the ears because it looks super-obvious that it's been attached to it at the end XD

The body and mane is made with minky and the eyes and mouth are made with felt.

:star:Things I make/draw!:star:
:thumb518035875: :thumb518793076: :thumb206830256:
OC Moon Alternative Outfit by Sagojyousartpage
OC Moon Alternative Outfit
I've been really into drawing my new Gemstone OCs recently! :la:
They represent my increased art level. Yay improvements!

Ze's left-handed so I had to flip the ref pic I used, but I think it turned out good! :la: Gotta have a minority character, right? Not all people are straight-cis-whatever-majority-is-right handed-people. :D

This is my favorite Gem OC pic atm >w< :la:

Reference picture used:…
Bg from pixiv

:star:Other Gem OC drawings!:star:

Gem OCs by Sagojyousartpage Gem OC Amazonite by Sagojyousartpage OC Moon by Sagojyousartpage
OC Pencil Case by Sagojyousartpage
OC Pencil Case
Happy Pi day!

Look at how pretty they are! :la:

I made a pencil case using these drawings of my new Gem OCs, Moonstone and Sunstone:
Gem OCs by Sagojyousartpage & OC Moon by Sagojyousartpage

It is 8.5 in x 4.5 in (22 cm x 11 cm), and the inside is black polyester material. It fits so much stuff! I'm going to use this for school! >w< Show off to the students what I can draw, ha ha :D Or hide it XD Idk XD

:star:Other photos of Sagojyou's stuff!:star:
Mario and Luigi RPG 4 Dream Adventure DS by Sagojyousartpage Handmade Bellossom Plush with a Story by Sagojyousartpage My Nintendo Collection by Sagojyousartpage 
Sagojyou is going to be extremely busy, so good bye world, until the weekend.
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Sagojyousartpage's Profile Picture
I am awesome.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi!! My name is Sagojyou, and this is my artpage!

I upload whatever I want, whenever I want, because this is MY page. Yeah!
I draw comics/mangas and OCs. And other stuffffff.

You can look through my gallery, things I faved, and the stamps below to see what I like/dislike/who I am. Thanks for stopping by! :wave:

:pokeball: My X team: Lucario by CreepyJellyfish Venusaur by CreepyJellyfish Ampharos by CreepyJellyfish Greninja by CreepyJellyfish Simisear by CreepyJellyfish and Honchkrow, where there's no gif of it yet c:
:pokeball: My favorite pokemonssssssss:
Flaaffy by CreepyJellyfish Bellossom by CreepyJellyfish Crobat by CreepyJellyfish Politoed by CreepyJellyfish Haunter by CreepyJellyfish Gardevoir by CreepyJellyfish Froslass by CreepyJellyfish Poliwhirl by CreepyJellyfish Meganium by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Starmie by CreepyJellyfish Serperior by CreepyJellyfish Medicham by CreepyJellyfish Lilligant by CreepyJellyfish Seadra by CreepyJellyfish Sceptile by CreepyJellyfish Whimsicott by CreepyJellyfish Togetic by CreepyJellyfish Roserade by CreepyJellyfish Ralts by CreepyJellyfish Lanturn by CreepyJellyfish Hitmonchan by CreepyJellyfish Jumpluff by CreepyJellyfish Galvantula by CreepyJellyfish

Multilingual stamp by Kylia1992
JP Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Japanese Pride by CrimsonLegacy Made In Japan - Stamp by theestephasaurusrex
USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design English Stampo by Anavushirak I Hate English by l8 :STAMP: Grammar Nazi by MoonstalkerWerewolf Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone Perfect English stamp by dantesgirl English Stamp by RabidDoller
Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design I love Spanish by Vantrix Le sutampu-chan by UmbrellaUnrequired Brazilian Portuguese Stamp by catpie Stamp - I speak spanish by elytSoN Yo hablo Espanol-Stamp by Starfire151095 Portuguese isnt Spanish by anikasgubim

Mah friends on dA (in no specific order):
:iconmariosimpson1: :iconsuperstarwordgirl: :iconev13il: :iconhanami-kokoro: :iconstrawberry555: :iconcarnivorouscarnation: :iconsnipergys: :icondrawing-stars-02:
:iconluo-qin: :iconchikorita85: :iconcactus-bob: :iconalagar3000:

Awesome veg*n people on dA!!!:
:iconmonilainlp: :icongalaxu: :iconbec-productionz: :iconhannahthevegan: :iconbearkata: :iconleifleif: :iconlinneveggirl: :icondragonloverxxl12: :iconfaangmo: :iconkeolia: :iconviolet-rose-petal: :icongive-me-a-name: :iconsomnambulantriparian: :iconflubberwurm: :iconveganaspergiangurl: :iconwahyawolf: :iconselunia: :iconbordeauxman: :iconbluebluebutterfly05: :iconbentolove: :iconempressbrennan: :icontilldawn: :iconwackywildfire: :iconanastasia-black: :iconryuuseigurl: :iconblackdiamond1998: :iconsnapshotstalker: :iconrazersharpkitty: :iconalyciazu: :icontoto-the-cat: :iconbluu-vorel: :iconcailleanne: :iconrowlingfan12: :iconvegtomato:

"If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is."
~John Louis von Neumann

"Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -Dr. Randy Pausch


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Wow, if anybody loved to ship Kuki with Wally then you would be the perfect person to go to because you are the ultimate fan! You have so many artworks of them and they're absolutely adorable!
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Ha ha, thanks!
I'm using them for a 100 day drawing challenge, so that's why there are so many drawings of them XD
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I think it was a good challenge! 
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